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New Character Art

2017-09-06 09:53:27 by Asherbirdman

Coming up. (as usual I can't promise a date)

Changed my Username

2017-09-06 09:01:05 by Asherbirdman

I was Gorksonic now I am Asherbirdman.

Comic Coming soon

2017-06-05 22:59:46 by Asherbirdman

Based of my Original Characters.


2017-04-19 15:54:12 by Asherbirdman


Changing my Avatar

2017-04-13 21:58:35 by Asherbirdman

To a great new OC!


2017-04-01 16:34:50 by Asherbirdman


At school as part of my assignments it  will be another few months till I post some decent art here art here. But soon enough A new kind of art post will be posted on my Newgrounds asap. it is some sort of Clay men.

It about A Mage knight that Punches Golems to death with his Magical fists. That guard  thier ruined temple.

I'll show you a Sceenshot or somthing of it when its finished.

Team Game project.

I'm thinking of making a Earthworm Jim Inspired Videogame in the Near Future.

Its gonna be Prototyped in Stencyl game engine.


This status is to be Updated.

After Summer 2016

See you then.